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Robert Sojka

A moment lasts lifetimes through photography, captured in an instant stopping time forever.

Like many photographers, I began capturing images at an early age. It all started after my father gave me my first SLR film camera, a Minolta XG7, and put me in charge of the photos on our family's trip to Europe. I quickly fell in love with photography and it's fascinating way of artistic expression.

When digital SLR cameras became available I was thrilled with this new technology for many reasons, but mainly because it put no limits on my creative freedom. It allows me to take complete control of the "darkroom process" in a simpler, more direct way letting me create the vision as I had seen it.

Today, I use the latest professional high resolution digital equipment to produce the finest quality images possible. I have a passion for creating unique and beautiful images that I hope you will enjoy.


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